Our Commitment to Health and Safety

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

Published in August 2021

Your health and safety is our priority, and we wanted to outline how we're focusing our efforts to make our residence community a place for you to live, learn and thrive. In consultation with our local health authorities, we've enhanced our health and safety standards and will continue to respond to evolving directives throughout the year. Watch the video below to see a number of health and safety strategies being implemented in residence this fall.

Vaccination Requirement

Students living in residence are required to have received at least their first COVID-19 vaccine dose within one week following their move-in date, or no later than September 13, 2021, and to have received their second dose no later than October 12, 2021. With increasing vaccine availability, we strongly recommend that you be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before your move-in day.

Monitoring Your Health

You will receive a daily survey from the University by email that must be completed before you leave residence and head onto campus. This survey is used to ensure you are in good health and have not had any high-risk exposures. Face coverings are required in the presence of others and in common areas, and will be provided to all students and staff members.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitization

High-touch surfaces are being sanitized more frequently, and we have expanded our caretaking staff schedules with an extended presence beyond traditional business hours. Our caretaking team has adopted new technology to mitigate the spread of germs. Using new electrostatic sprayers, our team is disinfecting large spaces more effectively and efficiently.

Wastewater Testing

We are piloting an early detection system to monitor for COVID-19 through regular testing of wastewater samples in some of our campus residences.

Food Safety and Service

Dining halls will offer more pre-cut food and grab-and-go options, and will have staff available to help serve you. You may see hosts stationed at the entrance to dining halls, monitoring capacity and ensuring you apply hand sanitizer.

Access to Cleaning Products

Portable and wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations have been specifically placed at high-traffic areas, and cleaning supplies will be made available to students who would like to sanitize their space.